Wooden Wind Turbine to Power 400 Swedish Homes

23 February 2024

In recent news, we have discovered that the world’s tallest wooden wind turbine has started turning and is sending power to 400 homes in Sweden.

Swedish start-up, Modvion, constructed the net zero wind power wooden wind turbine last year in an effort to reduce the reliance on carbon-intensive materials like steel. Wind power plays a pivotal role in decarbonising the grid; however, the limitations associated with steel have prompted exploration into wood as a potential solution.


Photo of three people in work gear on top of an incomplete wooden tower

(Photo courtesy of Paul Wennerholm and Modvion)


Modvion says one of its main selling points is that the modular tower is easier to transport vs steel on standard roads. In addition, demand has grown for taller turbines that harvest stronger winds with larger generators and by using wood and glue, towers can be built in smaller, more easily transported modules. That will make it much easier to build really tall towers, they say, and to take the pieces to challenging locations.

Moreover, the wooden towers boast a carbon-negative aspect, as they not only store carbon but also continue to absorb it throughout their operational lifespan. Once they reach the end of their service life, the tower walls can be repurposed as high-strength beams for the construction industry.

Modvion aims to open a factory in 2027 that will manufacture 100 wooden wind turbines annually.

It’s encouraging to see alternative materials being used to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint whilst increasing our renewable energy sources.



At Foreman Roberts, our commitment to enhancing energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions in the built environment remains unwavering.

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