The FRESH Lifestyle: Our Working Culture

10 August 2022

Determined to use the changing face of the workplace during the pandemic, Foreman Roberts have set about using the opportunity to create a new working culture that differentiates us from our competitors. We have been hard at work crafting new ways of working and introducing initiatives to support those working for us.


We are calling this working culture our

FRESH Lifestyle

Which stands for:

  • Foreman
  • Roberts
  • Encouraging (&)
  • Supporting
  • Healthier Lifestyle(s)

Our FRESH Lifestyle is made up of 50 initiatives, all of which are intended to improve our team’s life-work balance, job fulfilment and mental health/wellbeing.


Listed below are a few of the key principles of our FRESH Lifestyle grouped together to give you a sense of the values that make up our FRESH working culture:


  • Flexible/Hybrid Working


Along with introducing bespoke flexible arrangements, we have implemented a hybrid-working policy. We are asking our team to work at least two days a week from one of our high-quality modern collaboration workspaces and choose where the work from the other three days.


  • Physical & Mental Health Support


We are proud to have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) providing confidential support to our employees and their families for mental health, family and health worries. They also provide guidance on legal, financial or dependent care issues. Internally, we have an i-ACT trained Mental Health Ambassador.

In recognition that time off is important, apart from encouraging everyone to take their full holiday entitlement, we give an additional holiday day for birthdays and have an annual wellbeing day where we get together outside the office and do a healthy, fun activity together.

We have signed up to a cycle-to-work scheme and offer subsidised gym membership to encourage good physical health. To promote a healthy lifestyle, our collaboration workspaces are stocked with fresh fruit and filtered water units.


  • Personal Growth

We are fully committed to the continued personal development of each and every one of our team at Foreman Roberts. Along with actively encouraging both the mentoring and training of employees, we have two-way performance reviews creating a cyclical feedback loop that encourages constructive support.

We provide a confidential virtual staff suggestion box in order to make Foreman Roberts one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ and to ensure everyone of our team has the chance to have their voice heard. With our detailed 2025 Vision, everyone within the company will have equal opportunities to grow and develop.


  • Giving Back

We have developed a high-level plan to become carbon neutral and have fully committed to achieving net-zero, either through direct implementation within our works or through offsetting. We have started a ‘Foreman Roberts Forest’, where we are planting trees to celebrate anniversaries and ‘long-service’ milestones. We encourage everyone within the company to take action to help improve the environment.

Outside of this, we will continue to support those raising funds for charities as well as widen our reach into helping local communities support those less fortunate than ourselves.


  • Investing in Our People

All of our employees are covered by our life assurance policy and can choose to be members of our private healthcare scheme. On top of this, we have made substantial investments into new software and technologies giving all of our team the tools to be successful as our industry modernises.

In the near future we are planning to implement FRESH Perks, an online platform through which we will provide benefits, perks, initiatives, recognition and rewards to our team.