Shakespeare North Wins Theatre Building of the Year!

13 February 2023


We were delighted to see Shakespeare North Playhouse, one of our projects in the Arts & Culture sector, win ‘Theatre Building of the Year’ at this year’s Stage Awards!

The prestigious theatre, which is modelled on the ‘cockpit-in-court’ design made popular in the Elizabethan era, seats over 1000 audience members (470 – in-the-round, 320 – end-on, 300 – frons scenae), will open to the public in April of 2023 and is one of three theatres that make up the UK’s Shakespearean triangle. The other two theatres being located in London and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Other facilities, alongside the actual theatre will include a fully accessible outdoor performance garden, an exhibition gallery, 60-seat studio theatre, learning centre, events spaces, and a café and bar with outdoor piazza.




























On receiving the award, Chief Executive, Melanie Lewis said: ‘It was an honour to accept the award for Theatre Building of the Year on behalf of the multitude of people who have got Shakespeare North Playhouse to this point. This project has been visionary in so many ways. It is a building that connects people and communities to culture, sparking intrigue in those who may have let theatre and performance previously pass them by. Our spectacular space has been brought to life by the people who have inhabited it over the last six months and the architecture and building will continue to inspire and house future generations.’

Congratulations to our client … and the entire team involved in winning this award!

Foreman Roberts are incredibly proud to have played our part in this fantastic project.