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Foreman Roberts provide a number of ‘Specialist Services’ using our team of experts for delivery, complementing & supporting our core MEP services. Our Specialist Services group is led by Mike Parkinson; a Chartered Engineer with considerable experience of developing our Specialist Services capabilities. Mike has been responsible for coordinating & delivering specialist services for major projects in the UK & Overseas.

Pre-Planning & Master-Planning Services

Foreman Roberts provide ‘Pre-Planning & Master-Planning’ Services using our team of experts for the production of energy and sustainability statements to demonstrate how proposed developments will meet the various pre-planning policy requirements. With an intimate knowledge of the planning system, our team has a firm grasp on what it takes to achieve the required consents.

Expert Witness Services

Foreman Roberts provide Independent Expert advice to clients in relation to MEP services, including critical engineering services. Our Expert Witness team is led by Roy Steptoe who has acted as an ‘Expert Witness’ relating to Future Technology within Buildings and has delivered multiple Technology & Critical Engineering projects in the UK & Overseas.

Research & Development Services

Foreman Roberts provides ‘Research & Development’ Services using our team of experts who have a proven track record of delivering innovative designs and services over a 25 year period. Notable achievements include a number of award Winning Buildings and the Financial Times Award for ‘Innovation’.

Asset Management
& FM Services

Foreman Roberts provide Asset Management & Facilities Management Services using our team of experts to support & complement our Core MEP Service Capabilities.

CDM Service

Foreman Roberts offer principal designer services (CDM Services) which are tailored to private and public service sector bodies and from residential to commercial and retail clients. As each client has different needs, we can offer CDM services to meet specific needs, requirements and budgets. As principal designer we are responsible for ensuring the team understand their legal duty relating to health and safety.

Acoustic Consultancy

In the field of acoustic engineering, Foreman Roberts will provide detailed analysis, on site measurement an engineering assessment to assess each and every acoustic challenge. We understand that we are always part of a team, and will tailor our recommendations to provide solutions for the design team rather than challenges. Computer aided modelling allows us to find optimum solutions for each and every client.

Specialist Lighting

Lighting is fundamental to the look and feel of a building, as well as affecting the people who live and work within. At Foreman Roberts we can assist the client and design team with the development of the lighting experience. We can undertake lighting designs and daylighting assessments, we can advise on the environmental impact of glare and sky-glow, and we can undertake modelling to show the impact of artificial lighting and natural daylight.

Peer Review &
Technical Audit

Foreman Roberts can assist clients by undertaking a peer review or technical audit of an existing design or building. The can give clients surety, clarity and guidance on the their present design status. Such a review will help give a fuller understanding of the risks and opportunities presented by an existing design.

Sub Zero Engineering

Our international clients have developed schemes that necessitate specialist experience and knowledge of the ever progressing technological advances associated with sub zero engineering.

At Foreman Roberts we have demonstrated our capabilities for sub zero temperature facilities and have developed practical engineering solutions to the many complex challenges found within ice rinks, cold storage facilities and indoor ski slope

We have provided design solutions across a variety of schemes completed in Europe and the Middle East and our innovations and concepts team are able to offer an engineering service that guarantees client project teams the comfort of an experienced and technically capable partner.

To ensure we stay abreast of sub zero technology advancements and ever demanding regulatory requirements we maintain a close liaison with industry specialists.