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Building for the future; the practical implementation of Real Time Data, IoT products, Artificial Intelligence and seamless connectivity can revolutionise your built environment.

Foreman Roberts are fully capable of developing Smart Building Solutions to improve energy efficiency, operational efficiency, occupant comfort, security and ease of building management.

Technologies should not be considered in isolation – by conducting workplace interviews and operational studies alongside the Architect technologies can be considered alongside operation and overall design of the building in order to achieve the best solution for our Clients.

Whether these smart systems need to be invisible, or visibly demonstrating your building’s impressive new capabilities, Foreman Roberts can find the solution for you.

Occupant Experience, Comfort & Efficiency

Optimum Occupant comfort is crucial to maximising operational efficiency. A room’s requirements vary dynamically at different times of day, varying occupancy levels and different space usages, and Smart Building controls can ensure that occupants are always comfortable while maximising energy savings and reducing facilities team intervention.

Visitors to the building can also benefit from a smart building technologies through a streamlined arrival experience with quick and secure access control, digital signage and booking management to ensure a seamless and pleasant guest experience.

Communications and connectivity

As an ever increasing level of portable devices become common, connectivity of those devices is crucial to achieving the most out of the occupants and the space. By ensuring seamless connectivity throughout the space with easy to use interfaces, space-usage efficiency can be improved without compromising on flexibility through the use of in-building DAS, femtocells and mesh networks.

Safety & security

An increased quantity of deliveries can be a burden on reception or security staff. Use of Smart Building technologies can ease this burden through the use of Delivery/guest management without compromising on security. A smart building security system will deter intruders, detect unauthorised access attempts, deny entry and alert the security team to keep your premises safe.

Objectives of Smart Buildings:

  • Improving workplace productivity
  • Ensuring occupant comfort
  • Seamless Visitor experience
  • Secure & prompt Delivery/guest management
  • Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence
  • Seamless secure connectivity
  • Easy to use user interfaces
  • IoT integration
  • Operationally functional for all occupants
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Robust Building Security
  • Analysis of Real Time Data
  • Safety of all areas and occupants
  • Ease of facilities management, reduced user intervention
  • Fluid & regular communication to occupants
  • Continuous internal connectivity

Scope of services:

  • Workplace interviews
  • Operational studies
  • Real Time Data Gathering and Analysis
  • Technology & Systems appraisal
  • Systems efficiency analysis
  • Point of Failure analysis
  • Safety & Security review
  • Full Smart Building Options Appraisal