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The world needs to change, with a reduced reliance on the burning of fossil fuels, and as MEP consultants we are in a unique position to assist in bringing about such change, applying both visible and less-visible systems and processes to lessen the impact of buildings on the environment.

We take a fresh and innovative approach, which considers the bigger picture and looks beyond the obvious first cost, considering savings achieved in operation of alternative solutions, associated CO2 emissions, life expectancy, maintenance and replacement requirements and the use of natural resources, all the way through to removal and disposal.

We strive to understand our clients’ business needs & aspirations whilst providing real solutions to complex problems. Consideration of energy use and sustainability issues are intrinsic to all our design works and environmental aspects complement and enhance our MEP designs solutions.

Performance & Evaluation

Our experienced, accredited and approved professionals and assessors have a vast range of knowledge and experience in all the environmental rating systems, including BREEAM, LEED, SKA and WELL.

These rating systems can be very challenging for those unfamiliar with them, we carefully and clearly explain the entire process, explaining the pre-requisite nature of certain elements and what is required under each subject matter in order to achieve the targeted rating. Clear concise leadership of the process is also essential, since certification of these schemes can only be achieved though the effective collation of the required evidence, which our assessment teams can lead, through every stage of design, construction and building use.

The key to achieving desired ratings is the same as for any project outcomes; consideration as early on in the project as possible. This is where our environmental teams expertise in passive design techniques, efficient energy system, use of renewables, occupant comfort and wellbeing fully intersect.

3D Dynamic Modelling

Maximising building performance can be both complex and technically challenging, however, our knowledgeable and experienced analysts use industry leading dynamic 3D computer modelling techniques to provide the necessary analysis to optimise the built environment.

Climate change pressures are driving policy and regulatory requirements for improved performance and zero carbon targets for nearly all buildings. Dynamic thermal and energy models are a key instrument in maximising passive design techniques, considering orientation, massing, facade performance and layout, and then ensuring that the optimum building services systems are selected.

Outputs also includes data on energy use, CO2 emissions and facilitate diagnosis of overheating problems, to ensure the development meets regulatory requirements, including the provision of compliance EPCs and DEC’s.

Pre-Planning & Masterplanning

Continuing concerns over global climate change has lead to the UK Government’s Policy on Climate Change and in the continual revision of the UK Building Regulations and planning policies at both national and local level.

The majority of Local Planning Authorities require Energy & Sustainability statements to demonstrate how proposed developments are meeting their local sustainability policies including those for energy and CO2 reduction.

Our Energy & Sustainability teams have extensive experience of the planning system and have a firm grasp on what it takes to achieve consent, but are also very familiar with real-life performance and know what systems and design solutions work in practice.

‘The A – Z Guide to Sustainability Speak’

The world of Energy & Sustainability contains many abbreviations and buzzwords.

This simple guide was borne out of many conversations with fellow industry professionals, grappling with the terminology and trying to make sense of it all.

Please click on the link below to download our simple ‘A to Z guide’. We hope you find it useful and invite you to share it with your colleagues.

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scope of Services:

  • Pre-Planning Consultancy
  • Planning Documentation
  • Energy Strategies
  • Renewable Energy Assessment
  • LEED
  • WELL Building
  • HQM
  • Energy Modelling
  • Building Regs Part L Advice
  • Building Regs Part G Advice
  • Building Regs Part F Advice
  • EPCs
  • Overheating Analysis
  • CFD
  • CPD Presentations
  • Competition Work
  • Masterplanning Assistance
  • Corporate social responsibility policies (guidance on environmental aspects)