Riding the AI Wave: Anticipating Data Centre Growth

09 August 2023

The accelerated evolution of artificial intelligence continues to shape our world and the infrastructures supporting it. A key piece of the puzzle in this digital transformation is data centres.

There’s an industry-wide anticipation of exponential growth in data centres where capital expenditure is expected to exceed an astonishing $500 billion by 2027.

As we inch closer to a future brimming with AI applications, an intriguing question arises:

Are data centres truly prepared for ensuing AI workloads?


The AI Surge and Data Centres


AI has fundamentally transformed the way businesses operate, and soon enough it may impact other aspects of day-to-day human life. From automating simple tasks to predicting complex patterns, AI’s capabilities are truly expansive and transformative.

We’re seeing the real power of AI be harnessed through robust data management infrastructure. This is where data centres enter the picture.

Data centres are the workhorse of the digital age, with a CPU able to carry out two thousand million (or two billion) cycles per second. These complexes are designed to store, manage, and disseminate vast amounts of data securely. However, the rise in AI applications across sectors is increasing demand for higher computational power and data processing capabilities. To meet these needs, data centres must evolve, becoming not just larger, but also more efficient, resilient, and flexible.


Investing in the Future


Given the surge in demand for AI, it’s hardly surprising that capital is flowing into data centre infrastructure to support it. Both the renovation and expansion of existing builds and the formation of new builds are being targeted, with a particular focus on the latter.

Firms are investing heavily to ensure they have the capacity to handle the next wave of AI innovation. Many developers are investing by buying new land to build or selling existing assets to raise cash to fund their investments into the data centre market, highlighting a shift towards technology infrastructure.


The Industry Outlook


The recent flurry of investment is a clear sign of the industry’s strong stance on the future of data centres.

These investments are not just about expanding capacity; they are also about creating sustainable and energy-efficient infrastructures. Alongside this growth in the data centre sector, we’re also going to see a massive boom in the use and demand for sustainable energy.

Data centres must be prepared to handle the heat (both literally and metaphorically) generated by the computational demands of AI cooling technologies and energy management strategies so that they can sustain the increasing load.




As AI continues to pervade every aspect of our lives, the need for robust, scalable, and efficient data centres will continue to rise in the future. Investing in data centre infrastructure today is crucial for the future of AI and its potential to drive innovation across industries.

As the wave of AI builds momentum, those who have invested in their surfboards (in this case, data centres) will be in the best position to ride it to success.

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