Sky, Livingston & London

Livingston & London, england

Sky Livingstone – A very bold design brief was established to support dramatic culture change, prioritise the needs of people and teams, to assist in growing the business and increasing customer satisfaction but in so doing to create a working environment quite unlike any other. A stunning working environment which is already matching up to the project objectives, producing: a successful tool to support culture change, strong attraction to new recruits, staff churn rates reduced, improved sales figures, a tremendous platform for technology investment and increased staff morale and motivation. Foreman Roberts were responsible for the M&E design.


‘Best in Europe Award 2002’


Sky London – The challenge was to create a cost-effective and impactful Headquarters scheme that successfully projects Sky’s strong brand and media presence, plus provides a high quality-working environment for staff and management. The scheme conveys Sky’s corporate values, branding and image very effectively through some powerful and well-structured design elements. The project was delivered cost-effectively and within a tight timescale. Foreman Roberts were responsible for the M&E design.