New Build Data Centre – West London, UK

West London

This New Build Data Centre forms part of a Major Colocation Operators London Campus in West London. The Data Centre is designed to deliver high-quality customer solutions, comprised of over 5,500m2 net technical data hall space on three levels, and delivering 13.32MW of IT load. The data hall space comprises 6 Data Halls of 787 sqm each, with each Data Hall capable of supporting an IT load of 2,220kW and is capable of being subdivided, allowing clients to have anything from a rack in a colocation space to their own suite or data hall with dedicated power and cooling.

The Data Centre’s highly resilient power and cooling infrastructures are provided to support the critical data centre loads. Multi-level gantries were located within the service yard at each end of the building, which accommodated a power and cooling plant. Standby generators are located below the gantries in the service yard, with generator flues rising within the plant enclosure. The transformers and their associated LV input switch rooms are located on the first floor of the gantries. LV input switch rooms, including mechanical UPS, mechanical UPS output switchboards and mechanical UPS batteries, are also located on the first floor of the gantries. LV UPS switch rooms and associated battery rooms are located on each floor in an A/B/C distribution arrangement. Chillers and secondary chilled water pumps are located on the second floor of the gantries, with ancillary chilled water equipment, such as pressurisation units, expansion vessels and dirt separators etc. located in pre-packaged water treatment rooms on the first floor of the gantries.

Foreman Roberts delivered the full detailed design of MEP services through fully coordinated working BIM information from which the contractor has constructed the Data Centre project. This enabled the project to be progressed with greater cost and coordination certainty, and clarity of responsibilities. This is a USP for Foreman Roberts, which delivers greater project outcome certainty.

’Our USP Service delivered greater coordination certainty and therefore reduced cost & programme risks’