Mills Xanadu, Madrid

madrid, spain

Foreman Roberts acted as MEP Consultant for the concept and scheme design for this new indoor ski slope which also incorporates retail and leisure facilities. The piste is over 250m long and 80m wide and the project includes some 4,500 sq.m. of warm side facilities.

Foreman Roberts has developed an extensive understanding of the technology associated with the manufacture of artificial snow, the support and profiling of the ski slope and the insulation of the space. Our experience includes appraisals of indoor ski developments around the world, including an appraisal of the world’s largest such indoor facility in Tokyo.

Competition in the Retail and Leisure industries has led developers to consider the benefits of extreme sports activities and increasingly indoor skiing. Our experience is unrivalled in this highly specialist arena where an in depth knowledge of snow production technologies, lighting and sub zero engineering techniques are essential. Our experience enables us to advise on a wide variety of specialist areas including, Snow and Ice -production, grooming and melt, Temperature and Humidity Control, Electrical protection systems, Refrigeration equipment, Themed and task lighting, Surface and Interstitial Condensation, Trace Heating technologies, Vapor Barriers and membranes, Fire Strategies, Frost and heave protection and People Moving Strategies.