Manufacturing Sector (Multiple Projects)

Multiple projects

Foreman Roberts have experience of delivering projects in the Manufacturing Sector, including International locations and clients. A selection of projects is included below:

Oxford Instruments High Technology Factory, Eynsham – This 5,500m2 Factory and Head Office complex produces superconductor magnets for industry. Foreman Roberts delivered MEP Consulting Services, including systems such as Helium recovery.

Firmenich, Shanghai – The project comprises a 30,000m² regional HQ building to house offices and laboratories, a 5,000m² flavours production facility, 5,000m² essence production facility together with warehouse buildings, restaurant building and a separate central utilities building. Foreman Roberts were appointed directly by Firmenich to act as the Client’s technical representative.

Unilever, Hefel – Located in Capital City on Anhui province in East China this 500,000ft², this soap and toothpaste production facility includes a tube and bottle making plant , Working closely with SIP, Foreman Roberts were employed to review the Local Design Institutes design proposal with a particular focus on energy conservation. A detailed energy audit was undertaken which identified elements where savings could be made due to plant rationalisation and control techniques.

Sanken Power Systems UK HQ – Abercynon, Wales – A 100,000ft2 purpose built electronics factory unit and associated offices, clean room facilities for ‘auto insert’ machines producing: Switch Power Modules (PSU’s) for industrial and domestic electronics applications. Semiconductor based components for audio, automotive, lighting, motor control and solar applications.