John Radcliffe Hospital, oxford

Oxford, England

Research Labs

A major centre for healthcare research, housing departments of Oxford University Medical School and
Oxford Brookes University’s School of Healthcare Studies, our works included detailed surveys and compilation of asset registers for existing multi level research and teaching laboratories. The surveys included the production of equipment schedules and record drawings in order to facilitate the remodelling of accommodation, including conversion of existing 2000 metres sq. of general laboratory space to specialist CAT 2 laboratory areas. 6th & 7th floors included conversion of 1000 sq meters of laboratory space to offices space and CAT 2 laboratory accommodation for the Dept of medical sciences, Women’s Centre, and Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine. All of the above facilities involved the detail design of many complex systems, including LTHW, Medical Gasses, Clean Rooms, Fume Cupboard Vent, N2 Vent systems and associated alarms, Reverse Osmosis water supplies, HEPA supply air systems, Hospital Data and Security systems, HWS/CWS supplies, Power data and laboratory lighting to appropriate HTM requirements, Waste systems & Autoclave and Laundry facilities.

Client: The Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust