ExxonMobil, Sakhalin Island Base

sakhalin, russia

The Sakhalin Island Projects were completed for a major American oil company, and consisted of the building of a new 12,000 sq.m. headquarters office building, and a 250 home expatriate residential community on Sakhalin Island on the East coast of Russia. With extreme winter weather, the design of the services had to take into account -42°C, and considerable snowfall, plus designing for seismic events. Although connected to the city wide district heating scheme the office building and its services were designed with energy efficiency to the forefront in accordance with the client’s corporate policy, whilst providing a very high level of resilience. The residential community was located outside of the capital city and was not supplied with any utility services. The community was therefore self sufficient with water supply from boreholes, sewage treatment, and prime electricity power generation.

Client: ExxonMobil