Data Centre Cooling & The Rise in Ocean Temperature

24 May 2024

We want to highlight key data that unfortunately shows the World’s oceans have reached their highest temperature on record.

New satellite data released from the European Copernicus Climate Change service shows the global average sea surface temperature in February 2024 was 21.06C, significantly higher than the previous record of 20.98C in August 2023!

Experts have warned this temperature spike indicates we are on the brink of a huge scale coral mass bleaching event which will have harmful effects on the biodiversity of our seas.



This warning is just the start, the spike in sea water temperature could affect many industries across the globe including Data Centres.

Recent Data Centre research and innovations have been exploring the use of seawater for more sustainable cooling methods. Traditional cooling methods rely heavily on energy intensive chillers and freshwater resources and seawater looks like a promising alternative but if the temperatures keep rising, we have to ask ourselves, how long will seawater be a feasible option?