Is Hydrogen The Key to Decarbonising Britain?

16 June 2023

The first of our Footprints: LIVE webinars have released!

The topic at hand? Hydrogen boilers.



Recent statistics and world conferences, alongside the UK’s ambitious and lofty target of achieving net zero by 2050 have emphasised the need for a major, and lasting, shift in the type of energy sources that are used and employed throughout the UK.


Amidst this challenge, the spotlight shines brightly on heating, which stands as the primary source of emissions in our nation.



The question arises: How will we tackle this crucial issue and meet the demands of this new legal requirement.

Fortunately, a leading contender has emerged as a solution for de-carbonising Britain: HYDROGEN.

With its potential for widespread adoption and implementation, hydrogen may just offer a promising path and a guiding light towards a low-carbon future.


Be sure to check out our webinar: Footprints: LIVE, in which our Head of Energy & Sustainability, Mustab Ahmed will be exploring the world of hydrogen boilers with special guest Pete Mills, Commercial Technical Operations Manager at Bosch.