Video Showcase

With an average tenure of over 23 years at a senior management level and 12 years across the whole company, our team take to the big screen to share their insights and expertise on subject matters that define the future of construction.

Corporate Videos

Find out all there is to know about Foreman Roberts, who we are, what we stand for and what we get up to.

Foreman Roberts - Who We Are
Message from our CEO - Roy Steptoe
Welcome to Oxford
Welcome to Manchester
Working at Foreman Roberts
Life at Foreman Roberts


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Critical Engineering & Data Centres

Critical Power Systems and controls are increasingly becoming an integral element of a building’s power infrastructure in our data and communications connected society.

Introducing Arc Flash Analysis
Introducing Root Cause Analysis
Introducing Transient Analysis
Existing Data Centres - Future Challenges
Existing Data Centres - The Challenges Associated with Increasing Demand
What You Need to Know: Transients, Arcs & Root Cause Analysis


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Team Spotlights

Shining the spotlight on some of our experienced team, giving you a chance to find out more about their technical expertise, passions and wisdom. Find out more about our talented team who have an average tenure of 23 years at Senior level and 12 years across the business.

Team Spotlight - Austin Williamson
Team Spotlight - Gary Saunders
Team Spotlight- Lee Hardy
Team Spotlight - Jon Barrett
Team Spotlight - Steve Fleming
Team Spotlight - Mike Gregory
Team Spotlight - Paul Stallard
Team Spotlight - Caroline Hooper
Team Spotlight - Kate Rodmell
Team Spotlight - Kevin Gosling
Team Spotlight - Mike Parkinson
Team Spotlight - Daniel Hebden
Team Spotlight - Tom O'Gara
Team Spotlight - Gareth Evans
Team Spotlight - Lee Russell


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Energy & Sustainability

The world needs to change, with a reduced reliance on the burning of fossil fuels, and as MEP consultants we are in a unique position to assist in bringing about such change.

Carbon Challenge Explainer
Post Lockdown Work Environments
Top Tips in designing buildings for a Net Zero Carbon World
Net Zero Carbon Roadmap
Part L Requirements
The Energy and Sustainability Market
Hydrogen's Role in Achieving Net Zero


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We are industry leaders in the design of Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Engineering for buildings.

Building for the future; the practical implementation of Real Time Data, IoT products, Artificial Intelligence and seamless connectivity can revolutionise your built environment.

Build to Rent M&E Expertise
Heat Pumps
Key Residential Design Challenges
Part L Requirements


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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our BIM Level 2 service encapsulates the latest innovative software and techniques with an objective to provide our Clients & Design Partners with a first class product that both we and they can be proud of.

BIM Explainer
The Stages of BIM Feasible Generic Design (4a)
When BIM Goes Viral
Top Tips for a Successful BIM Implementation


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Sector Expertise

Our great team use their individual knowledge and expertise to work across a wide variety of interesting sectors; ranging from residential and retail to sports and leisure as well as arts, history, culture and more!

Mixed-Use Developments
Hotels & Resorts
Sports & Stadia
Research & Science
Senior Living & Elderly Care
Arts & Culture
Student Accommodation


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At Foreman Roberts, we have the privilege to work on a wide variety of interesting projects across numerous different sectors, listed below are examples of some of our best work:

Oxford Technology Park


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