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Mustab AHMED

Energy & Sustainability

To support the UK’s drive to further reduce Global emissions on the world stage, Foreman Roberts are improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions within the built environment. In addition to driving greater energy efficiency throughout the design process, Foreman Roberts have launched a new initiative called ‘The Carbon Challenge’ and its a free service for our clients on all new projects. Foreman Roberts have also created a road map for the development and implementation of a strategy for clients to meet the UK’s Net Zero Carbon targets and commitments, including development of a carbon targets timeline to enable monitoring of progress towards the targets.

Our Energy & Sustainability Videos:

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Footprints: LIVE

A brand new series of thought leadership webinars in which, our Head of Energy & Sustainability – Mustab Ahmed, explores the latest topics within the building services industry and how we must adapt in search of a truly sustainable future.

Topics include everything from air source heat pumps, hydrogen boilers, district heating and much more!