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We are proud to have delivered the MEP design for many high-profile data centres, often working to strict timescales under NDA to ensure confidentiality. Our data centre specialists are industry leaders and have consulted on some of the largest data centre projects from around the world. The team share some of their thoughts below.



Critical Power Systems and controls are increasingly becoming an integral element of a building’s power infrastructure in our data and communications connected society.

Introducing Arc Flash Analysis
Introducing Root Cause Analysis
Introducing Transient Analysis
Existing Data Centres - Future Challenges
Existing Data Centres - The Challenges Associated with Increasing Demand
What You Need to Know: Transients, Arcs & Root Cause Analysis



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Foreman Roberts have just released a new technical paper – ‘The Challenges of Data Centre Upgrades‘ which includes guidance on detailed technical matters, such as: transients, arcs and root cause analysis and will reinforce why clients trust Foreman Roberts to upgrade their critical infrastructure within operational data centres.

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