Hydrogen Fuel Cells: A Potential & Reliable Backup Data Centre Power

05 April 2024

At Foreman Roberts, we always have sustainable innovation on our minds and we’ve been keeping an eye on the potential capabilities of hydrogen for quite some time.

It’s very interesting to read that a successful trial has taken place to demonstrate the use of hydrogen fuel cells for sustainable and reliable backup power in data centres. Recently, in a groundbreaking collaboration, Caterpillar, Microsoft, and Ballard Power Systems joined forces to undertake an innovative trial in harsh conditions.


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(Image courtesy of Microsoft)


The demonstration, held at Microsoft’s data centre in Cheyenne, Wyoming, involved a 1.5MW hydrogen fuel cell integrated into the facility’s electrical plant. Conducted at an altitude of 6,086ft and in below-freezing temperatures, the trial simulated a 48-hour backup power event, showcasing the fuel cell system’s capability to support critical loads in challenging environments.

The success of the trial underscores the potential of hydrogen technology to meet the stringent uptime requirements of modern data centres.

We applaud this monumental achievement and remain committed to supporting innovative research that drives us towards more sustainable power generation technologies for our data centres.