High Performance Buildings Releasing VOCs Comparable to Traffic Emissions

14 June 2024

As part of Footprints, we often like to shed light on some of the world’s most interesting and unusual stories from the world of Energy and Sustainability. Recently we’ve had our eyes on an interesting study from the US about modern office buildings and the volatile chemicals they emit to the environment are at levels comparable to traffic emissions.

According to Imeche, researchers found that high-performance buildings continuously release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) externally, contributing significantly to urban air pollution.



VOCs include a wide range of chemicals, found in everything from paints to perfumes, fuels and refrigerants. The study highlights the need to filter not just incoming air into our buildings but also outgoing air from buildings to reduce VOC emissions. This research underscores the overlooked impact of buildings on urban air quality and calls for improved HVAC systems and low-VOC products.

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