ElecLink goes LIVE!

17 June 2022

The ElecLink project, a 1GW cross-channel interconnector and convertor station has just gone LIVE and ran the first flow of power through its cables!

The project has created a vital link that will allow Great Britain and France to exchange renewable electricity safely and sustainably for the foreseeable future.


Foreman Roberts are incredibly proud to have been involved in the design and compliance monitoring of MEPH services for ElecLink. The project is predicted to save on 6.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030 and provide electricity for over 1,650,000 households!

The private project, which is supported by the European Commission, co-financed by the EU and backed by both the French and British governments, will have minimal environmental impact through the use of the Channel Tunnel to run cables allowing for zero interference with the marine ecosystem.

As the world evolves and tries to meet the increased demand for sustainable electricity, the uncertainty of energy security is widely discussed and more critical than ever.

ElecLink seeks to solve this problem and better position both Great Britain and France in the ongoing energy transition. The vital link this project creates ensures that the two countries can freely exchange renewable electricity safely and sustainably. ElecLink generates increased energy security for both the UK and France through market connection and reliability of supply.



For more information on the in’s and out’s of the project, you can visit ElecLink’s website here: https://www.eleclink.co.uk/