Our Approach



  • Deliver projects offering excellence in sustainability but with due consideration to capital costs as well as savings achieved in operation.

  • Develop solutions with high efficiency, comfort and performance, reducing carbon emissions to the lowest practical levels.

  • Offer sustainable solutions which meet your business requirements and so assure your project's success.

  • We can offer a fresh and innovation approach, which considers the bigger picture.
  • We spend considerable effort and time keeping up to date on new developments in the industry, and have links to educational establishments to help us develop new solutions.

  • We enjoy the creative process and endeavor to involve ourselves with the key designers as early as possible in order to guarantee the greatest impact.

  • Good communication skills are key – we use sketches and diagrams to help make concepts understandable.

  • On-Site Renewables Studies – we produce concept sheets to explain the practical implications, the options for integration, the costs and carbon savings.

  • We can advise other key professionals in the design and construction process on how to produce a more environmentally responsive building – we reach into the other disciplines to do this.

  • We undertake negotiations with the local Planning Authorities to satisfy their requirements; providing the documentation as

  • We carry out daylight assessments to further drive down carbon savings, by maximising the periods when artificial lighting can be turned off.

  • We can demonstrate the benefits from alternative M&E systems, such as chilled beams, chilled ceilings etc, in terms of carbon savings with improved life cycle costs.

  • We fully consider the use of combined heat and power systems (CHP) complete the studies and testing viability with loads assessments.

  • Water conservation is often overlooked – we can study the use of rainwater or grey water recycling – often cost effective as well as protecting a valuable commodity.

  • We use the latest dynamic 3D simulation software to assess buildings requirements and as a basis of total building carbon emissions.

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