Air Conditioning Services
We are recognised as leading designers for large and small air conditioning systems.

Heating and Ventilation Systems
We have extensive experience in the design and development of heating and ventilation systems for the complete spectrum of building types.

Combined Heat and Power Systems
Combining years of experience in the design of heating and stand-by power installations, our engineers have developed many total energy solutions for our clients offering substantial benefits in economy with the utilisation of waste heat for heating or hot water operation.

Building Management Systems
Foreman Roberts are consistently developing new technologies with manufactures and with the industries institutions. - Thus we remain at the forefront of this fast moving area of building control.

Years of experience has enabled Foreman Roberts to provide its clients with cost effective control of their own buildings.

Energy Audits
Energy Audits are a major issue to many users, both as an initial cost and an environmental and legislation standpoint.

Foreman Roberts have developed some of the latest technology available to offer their clients sustainable and economical solutions to environmental and legislation needs.

Conditioned Surveys
Foreman Roberts have 'in house' specialist engineering staff who can provide 'in depth' condition surveys for their clients, providing reports for:

- Legal Work
- Dilapidations
- Acquisition
- Life Cycle Replacement Programmes
- Asset Registers