Power Systems
Foreman Roberts have extensive experience in the provision of power distribution systems.

Lighting Design
Specialists in lighting techniques for the design of interior and exterior schemes - the latest computer programmes to calculate and simulate special effect

IT Systems
The provision for integrated network and data needs. We recognise the importance of providing our clients with the latest systems available

Stand-by Power Systems
Specialist knowledge in the evaluation and availability of a satisfactory power supply and the provision of adequate back-up support

Entertainment and Audio Visual Systems
Extensive knowledge in the design and development of audio visual systems

Energy Audits
Energy usage is a high priority today. We have the experience to provide effective and efficient solutions to today's buildings and the remodelling of existing ones.

Security Systems
We design effective and comprehensive security scheme incorporating the latest technology available.

Condition Surveys
A comprehensive service for the complete installation, condition status, asset register for acquisition or life cycle replacement.

Quality Management
A total and independent support facility throughout construction and equipment manufacture stages to the important commissioning and handover for a competed development.